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Curriculum Statement

"No product of today is collect, analysed or communicated without some for of digital technology being a part of it. Therefore the valeu of the vales of the digital world speaks for itself"

The Media curriculum aims to enable students to develop their own creative skills through workshops and research. Students will be confident in these skills and be able to show a passion for a creative industry.


  • Students will undergo specific workshops relate to their own individual passions within the media industry.
  • Students will be independent in their learning and research skills and become confident in applying these inside and outside the classroom setting.
  • These skills will furthermore enhance student’s employability skills within the wider community.


  • Experts, within the school and external, will able to provide students with in-depth workshops within a particular media industry to provide the best knowledge and learning.
  • Students will be able to use their knowledge to allow creative flow and have confidence in their ability to design and create.
  • Exposing students to diverse forms of media, will allows students to broaden their knowledge on media and culture within society.


  • Students will gain confidence in their own ability and skills and be able to apply this to an everyday setting.
  • Students will be able to understand the media in a more in-depth way which will allow them to view everyday media with more understand and knowledge. This will impact on their everyday life when consuming media texts.
  • Students will gain either a level 1 or 2 qualification in Media Creative Production which will increase their employability skills and give them a variety of adaptable skills within society.

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