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"Congratulations! You’ve got the job! " Conf‚Äč

This course has been introduced into Year 12 to support our young learners to become more confident in the skills needed to find paid employment. The curriculum takes the learner on a journey through considering their own mindset and onto searching, applying and interviewing for a job.


The teaching style used is one of nurture at the beginning with class discussion to assist pupils to gain confidence with the expectation of encouraging students to be independent thinkers by the last term of the academic year.

There is a mix of both theory-based lessons and practical sessions with external agencies to provide a different prospective and teaching method, eg CV Writing, Interview Skills, Mock Interview workshops.

All modules encourage British Values and as a cross curricular link to other subjects such as IT, PSHE, Maths and English with topics ranging from Black History to Environment issues and how these link to the work place

Literacy and numeracy are an integral part of the course and support is available for those who are less able is provided for them to be able to access the courses. Literacy is used when extracting the key skills required in a job application and numeracy is covered when looking at salaries and benefits.

Careers is integral to every lesson as students research, explore and identify careers that interest them, including Labour Market Information and work experience.

To engage and demonstrate the importance and diversity of the world of work and the various types of jobs that the qualifications and experiences gained at school could lead to in their future.


A wide range of strategies are used to enable all parts of the curriculum to be accessible to all.

Work for all lessons is differentiated according to the needs of the individual.

Keep up to date with my subject knowledge through reading and research into current affairs topics. I take on CPD where appropriate.

Class rooms are set up to be friendly and informative and teachers are open to all conversations being both honest and knowledgeable in SMSC. Bearing in mind the needs of the pupils and the facilities we offer there is someone on site to access for differing points of view and to allow pupils to explore a wide range of topics.

All students have an EHCP and their needs have been identified. The EHCP’s are available to read. The information is then used to help create lessons that are inclusive for all. I attend all CPD training sessions and share information on the students when in my colleagues company.

All lessons involve a certain level of literacy and numeracy is used through lesson starters on salaries and payslips.

On tackling each element of the teaching ensure the students are aware of the types of jobs that this could lead to in their futures, and how to get there.


Students complete workbooks provided by the examining board to a high standard. Students have an end of module assessment.

Marking is completed in line with the marking policy where students are provided with the opportunity to respond to personalised and targeted feedback.

Informal assessments are set to establish student’s levels at the end of each module.

Folders are evidence of the pride the students take in their work.

Differentiated work allows all students to access the curriculum.

The modules are in a logical sequence in accordance with the scheme of work which shows a clear structure and sequence of work over time.

Work Experience is an integral part of the Year 12 careers programme and successful outcomes show how understanding a growth mindset has contributed to this.

Students move onto education, employment or training at the end of Year 13.

To view our curriculum maps for Employability skills, please click here.

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

Module 1

Understanding Mindset

Module 2

Job Search Skills

Module 3

Job Application skills

(including CV workshop)

 Module 4

Interview Skills

(Including Interview Skills

workshop and Work Experience)

Module 5

Dealing with conflict

(includes Mock Interviews)

Ensure all work is complete

and to a high standard.

Look for Part time work.

Useful websites:

Careers advice - job profiles, information and resources | National Careers Service

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