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London South East Academies Trust Curriculum Statement

Bromley Educational Trust (BET), as part of London South East Academies Trust (LSEAT), fully adheres to the aims and values of LSEAT.

BETs core purpose is to ensure all students are able to achieve and succeed in life. Our curriculum is therefore designed to allow our students to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens; regardless of their starting points.

Through our holistic curriculum approach, the academic, emotional, physical and social development of all students are seen as equal parts. We believe achievement and success is created by a rich and dynamic curriculum that creates curiosity, engagement, enjoyment and participation.

Our curriculum includes a comprehensive core offer in literacy and numeracy which enables our students to then access other curriculum areas. Also central to our curriculum is a wide range of opportunities to develop Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural awareness to help with the preparation for next phase of life and ultimately adult life and the world of work.

Other fundamental aspects of our curriculum are the therapeutic and pastoral characteristics which are key to enabling access to academic learning by students recognising that their own and others wellbeing are essential to success.

The key measures of our curriculum being a success are:

  • Destination data
  • Attainment and accreditation
  • Progress measures
  • Attendance
  • Stakeholder feedback

At Bromley Beacon Academy Bromley, the curriculum offer is broad and balanced which builds on knowledge, understanding and skills regardless of the child’s starting point, as they progress through the school. 

The curriculum incorporates a plethora core, vocational and wellbeing education which supports the learning of the whole child and enables the young people to be well rounded, positive and confident members of the community. 

The aim of our curriculum is to equip the young people with skills and knowledge that link to employability therefore improving their life chances, developing independence and motivating them to be successful. Working alongside a variety of multi-agencies enables the young people to be fully prepared for life beyond Bromley Beacon Academy. 

Our curriculum enables the young people to unlock their skills and talents so that they have a lifelong interest in learning which empowers and engages them to drive forwards into employment or future study or training.

We therefore prioritise the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills through interventions to ensure our young people are able to function during employment in their future.

Our students come with a past but leave us with a future. A future that is full of potential, aspirations and confidence.

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