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Curriculum Statement

"Mathematics gives us hope that every problem has a solution!"

Be brave, be bold, you can do more than you think! At BBA, we foster a can do attitude to maths, where no answer is a silly one. Every answer can be explored and investigated to unearth misconceptions. We look forward to seeing you!

In the Maths department, we promote and encourage high expectations for our students in numerical achievement. We deliver an outstanding, personalised curriculum, supported by the use of manipulatives which is designed to encourage mutual respect, resilience and knowledge, to enable our students to be equipped with the skills and experiences needed to embrace life opportunities.

In the classroom, we seek to create a supportive learning environment. We make great use of a variety of resources including software, websites, games and real-life materials to engage students and help them learn in the way that best suits their needs.

Students are always expected and encouraged to work to the best of their ability. We expect all students to gain Entry Level Mathematics or higher and most achieve it in Year 9 going on to achieve Functional skills qualifications, gaining level 1 by Year 10 and/or level 2 by Year 11.

Most students are entered for their GCSE exam at either the foundation or higher tier at the end of year 11.


Our vision is to help increase the mathematical independence of each and every learner we inherit. We aim to ensure that all students become better mathematicians and can see the relevance of mathematics and numeracy in all subjects, across the school and more importantly within everyday life. This academic year we have a specific focus of highlighting areas in which maths crosses over into other curriculum areas.

Our curriculum is specific, while remaining adaptable, generally ranging from functional skills level one through to GCSE. We have the expertise to support students who aren’t able to access the functional skills level one scheme of work and have taught and supported students who access entry level as the right level of challenge.


We teach our students from the level one functional skills scheme of work, all the way through to the foundation GCSE exam.

Our lessons are taught at a pace which challenges all, this is facilitated through our maths team and staff from other subject areas.

At the end of KS3, students are taught from a level 1 scheme of work. This is to enhance their number and computation ability and is weighed towards topics such as ratio, percentage and fractions.

In KS4 and KS5 students will follow a scheme of work for functional skills and GSCE, including topics such as Ddata representation, volume and surface area and compound interest.


We have a high attendance rate to the maths classes and also to the intervention support lessons. This is because of the great relationships that the staff have built with the students, where they have been able to gain their trust and work with the students knowing that we have their best interest and want them to succeed. The attitude in lessons are always very positive and has been beneficial to the confidence of students as well as the behaviour in lesson and their outcomes.

We now have another member of the teaching staff who was a PP that has now qualified to an ECT. We have also had several members of staff pass their Level 2 Functional skills to help support students in lesson and improve their confidence.

We are working to maximise the impact we can have across the school through word of the week, as well as a focus on numeracy across the curriculum. The impact that this has had on students has increased their opportunities.


  • Year 7 and  8 will work towards their Entry level certificates
  • Year 9 will work towards Entry level certificates or Functional skills level 1
  • Year 10 will work towards Functional skills level 1 or 2
  • Year 11 will work towards Functional skills level 1 or 2 and GCSE
  • Year 12 will work towards Functional skills level 2
  • Year 12 will work towards Functional skills level 2

Examination Board

  • We follow the EDEXCEL GCSE in Mathematics. We usually begin working on these GCSE scheme in Year 9

  • 1MA1 for May/June 2017 onwards – Grades available 9 - 1

  • We also follow the AQA functional skills examinations at Levels 1 & 2

Useful websites for the subject area and revision etc:

To view our curriculum maps for Mathematics, please click here and here.

To view our knowledge organisers for Mathematics, please click here.

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