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Curriculum Statement


Aims & Ethos

We deliver vocational motor vehicle courses in our state-of-the-art centre. Our workshop is fully equipped to a high standard that is comparable to any professional garage, with a wide range of tools and a fleet of off-road motorbikes to use. Students are able to gain vital life skills that will set them up for working life whilst having fun.

We believe every student who walks through our doors has the potential to do whatever they want to in life. We want students to be able to leave here with a wide range of qualifications that will put them ahead when applying for further education courses or jobs. In the motor vehicle department, we aim to give students the opportunity to develop motorcycle skills and gain qualifications that will set them up for working life, potentially leading to a career in mechanics or engineering.


The Intent statement for Bromley Beacon Academies Motor Vehicle Department is to deliver a high quality and up to date curriculum that contains some of the most relevant and recent technology within the Motor Vehicle industry.

There are currently two courses on offer which range from Level 1 Motor vehicle to Level 2 Motorcycle diploma qualifications. These courses span between year 9 to year 11 & year 12 to 13. The aim of these course is to embed a vast range of Mechanical knowledge to both our Internal and External students, which will enable students to enter any Mechanical workshop with the necessary skills and Qualifications that they need.


The Level 1 Motor vehicle course on offer at Bromley Beacon Academy is ran in approval with City & Guilds (3902-11) and Consist of multiple units that are ran between year 9 and year 11.

The foundations of the Level 1 course begins with a Health & Safety Induction pack. This unit is devised and delivered in a way that engages our students whilst stretching and challenging their learning all while ensuring their safety during their time in our Motor Vehicle Workshop. As the course progress’s so does our student’s knowledge. Some of the further units within this course teach students how to strip, repair and rebuild full Motorcycles.

Our Level 2 Motorcycle Diploma course (4290-32)

Has several units and five on line exams that every student must complete and pass in order to gain the full Level 2 Qualification. This course does recap some of the Level 1 units but also expands deeper in to the logisticalside of the Motor Vehicle Industry.


Throughout all of the excellent work that the staff do within the Motor Vehicle workshop the department has high attendance, retention and pass rates. This is hugely down to the strong and positive relationships that staff have made with the students who attend the lessons. The department is well established and fully equipped to deliver high class learning to all of our students with staff being at the school for several years.

Through a collective of cross curricular activities staff within the department ensure there is always an element of Maths and English incorporated in every lesson. The impact this has on student’s progression and outcomes is very beneficial and this also reflects on the quality of work the students complete within our Workshop.


We run a Level 1 City & Guilds Motor Vehicle course for our Year 9 and 10 students and a level 2 motor vehicle course for our year 11 to 6th form students. Our open plan workshop has been designed with learning in mind, with all the relevant tools in sight and relevant safety equipment. Our workshop here at BBA is the perfect example of an excellent environmentfor students to learn their trade in.

Riding Trips

We give our students the opportunity to take part in off-road riding days with our fleet of off-road motorbikes. With fully qualified staff able to deliver these activities and a brand new stock of riding kit, our students are totally safe and able to have fun at the tracks. These trips are designed to support the practical element of the accredited courses as well as reward students for positive behaviour in school.

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