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Curriculum Statement

"Do you want your cake and to eat it?"

In Food Technology you can have both. In this subject you will learn how to cook and bake your favourite foods, but also… you get to eat them!

In Food Technology, we want to bring the basic life skill of cooking alive and make it not only creative but fun, exciting and a pathway to employability.

We will be exploring different cultures and traditional dishes opening your senses through investigating new flavours and cooking methods from all around the world.

We will be learning about the importance of food safety, nutrition and budgeting. Furthermore, students will enhance their Maths and English through weighing and measuring, reading recipes and writing menus. Students will also be learning the importance of communication through customer service skills.


  • Incorporating maths and reading throughout the course from weighing out ingredients tor eading a recipe.
  • For staff to be creative/confident and encourage all students to stay engaged.
  • Students will enjoy their learning environment and want to succeed.
  • Students will become independent in their learning and become confident in applying these inside and outside the classroom setting.
  • Students will use their cooking knowledge to enhance their employability skills and use these to gain employment in the wider community.
  • Students will have a strong understanding of Food Hygiene and its importance inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Students will develop their transferable skills such as communication, time management, team work, multitasking and organisational skills.


  • Students will be going through the instructions together as a class step by step.
  • Staff will be present for all students to help with the weighing process until confident.
  • Discussing food topics with the students for the next term and to include their ideas.
  • Tailored set out of instructions to suit every student’s needs.
  • Learning environment is calm and safe.
  • Lessons are planned and sequenced.
  • Challenging lessons so students are stretched.
  • Differentiation in lessons.
  • Display boards with term menus so students can plan and be prepared.
  • Tutors and support staff will provide students with resources to complete portfolio of evidence.
  • Recipes and resources are available to students in every class.
  • Regular and consistent communication with students.
  • Consistency in classrooms so students know and understand what they will be learning and what the classroom expectations are.
  • Regular tutor assessments undertaken.
  • Regular and consistent marking and feedback.
  • One to one support where necessary.
  • Keeping up to date with CPD.


  • To intend for all KS3 students to achieve their Entry Level 1, ready to start their Level 1 at Bromley.
  • Students will gain a life skill which will support them in independent living ,teaching them healthy living and how to budget.
  • Students will be totally independent in their cooking skills and able to experiment confidently with food.
  • Students will be able to cook a two-course meal and be able to cost this.
  • Students will achieve a level 1 and 2 in Pearson home cooking skills by end of KS4.
  • Students will gain a level 2 in Food Hygiene by the end of KS4.
  • Students will be confident in working in a safe, hygienic and secure environment in a hospitality setting.
  • Students will display effective teamwork, communication, multitasking time management and organisational skills which can used in every employment setting. Students will improve their employability chances.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum - Years 9/10

All students will learn basic cooking skills and kitchen practices in Year 9, which will culminate in them undertaking a practical exam where they will plan and cook a dish to their own specification. Upon passing they will receive the BTEC Level 1 Award in Home Cooking Skills.

If food technology is chosen as an option, students will move on to the BTEC Level 2 Award in Home Cooking Skills (Year 10/11) where they will continue to develop preparation and cooking skills and undertake a complex final assessment where they deign, plan and cook a two-course meal on a theme.

BTEC Specialist qualifications are work-related qualifications that give pupils the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to prepare for employment.

The level 1 and 2 courses in food technology enable pupils to develop:

  • The knowledge, understanding and confidence to cook meals at home.
  • An understanding of how to economise when planning a meal.
  • An ability to transfer skills learned to different recipes.
  • An ability to inspire others by transferring that knowledge.

Key Stage 5 Curriculum - Years 11, 12 and 13

As soon as students have completed the Home Cooking Skills courses they will progress to the Pearson Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking where they will combine knowledge and skills based tasks to enable them to progress to professional cooking environments or specialist education.

The aims of this course are to: allow learners to develop knowledge: understanding and skills essential for working in a hospitality environment such as food production and cooking or kitchen services skills and working with others and improving their own performance.

The course also develops the learners’ time management and team working skills.

This course, which will focus on the professional production of a variety of dishes as well as food service skills, will be implemented through the school’s restaurant, The Olive Tree, which will serve real customers in an evening dining setting three times a year.

Where to next:

Level 3 management courses in hospitality, catering or food management at FE college.

Level 4 courses in professional cookery at HE college or university.

Work in the catering industry (possible careers in science, business, catering, teaching, healthcare, food production or sport).

Accelerated route (5-6 steps)
9 Pearson home cooking skills Level 1 award
10 Pearson home cooking skills Level 2 award (working towards)
11 Pearson Food production and cooking Level 2 diploma (working towards)
11 Food safety and hygiene Level 2 certificate
12 Pearson Food production and cooking Level 2 diploma (working towards)
13 Work experience  N/A  

Main route (4-5 steps)
9 Pearson home cooking skills Level 1 award
10 Pearson home cooking skills Level 2 award (working towards)
11 Pearson Food production and cooking Level 2 diploma (working towards)
11 Food safety and hygiene Level 2 certificate
12 Pearson Food production and cooking Level 2 diploma (working towards)
13 Work experience or continuation of diploma Level 2 diploma  

Qualifications Gained will include:

  • Level 1 and 2 in Cooking
  • Level 2 Food Safety

Uesful websites for students:

Key Stage 4:

Key Stage 5:

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