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Curriculumn Statement

"Today's good mood is sponsored by coffee!"

New to BBAB we will the opportunity to discover the world of coffee through our Barista course. This bespoke offer will help enhance employability even further and students will learn how to make speciality coffees, smoothies, juicing and even learn latte art!


This qualification provides learners with specialist skills and knowledge in one of the major growth areas of the hospitality industry – the beverage sector. The course  is aimed at all first line operatives where coffee is served – this includes coffee bars, coffee houses, cafes, hotels and restaurants. Students will be introduced to the full range of products used in making beverages. They will learn where the products come from, and some of the processes they go through, from growing to the final drink. They will also learn the importance of taking care of the products in order to provide an excellent final result. The course also looks at the full range of equipment, identifies safety aspects and how to operate the equipment to deliver the desired drink quality. Students  will bring together the knowledge and skills acquired to produce good quality drinks consistently. Students  will be able to identify and correct problems as they arise. The course covers the importance of presenting a positive personal image and the use of effective communication techniques in customer service.


A wide range of strategies are used to enable all parts of the curriculum to be available to all. A purpose built In-school Barista café allows students to enhance their skills in a professional environment. All students have an EHCP and their needs have been identified. This information is used to create lessons that are inclusive. Students use their skills to provide a service to external and internal stakeholders. 


Students complete an assessment in practical and written exams. Students will gain a pass/merit/distinction level 2 qualification. Students will be able to work the Barista café independently ensuring continuous growth and development.

Students will improve:

  • Literacy, language and/or numeracy
  • Personal learning and thinking
  • Personal and social development
  • Employability

To view our curriculum maps for Barista, please click here.

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