Jack Petchey Achievement Award


 Jack Petchey winner at BBAO takes classmates to visit Wingham Wildlife Park

The most recent winner of The Jack Petchey Achievement Award at Bromley Beacon Academy Orpington chose to take herself and some fellow students on a trip to Wingham Wildlife Park near Canterbury.

After a very excitable journey down, the students were greeted by the park's 15 eager penguins and their handler, Sam. As part of the experience, the students were able to walk the penguins around the park and then give them their lunch. There were some obvious favourites - Lily was very patient and waited most politely for her fish, whilst Mumble was very cheeky! The students had lots of questions and Sam was very knowledgeable with his answers; he knew the name and character of every penguin.

The rest of the day was spent feeding the Meerkats and seeing the other animals including lions, tigers, bears and arctic wolves.

Although it was a cold and wet day, the students had the most fun and it was great to see them enjoying learning so much about animals and their environment.

Thank you to Jack Petchey and Wingham Wildlife Park for such a great memory.

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