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School Priorities 2023-24

Through the pursuit of excellence in all school areas, we need to demonstrate an uncompromising drive and commitment to the following priority points listed:

The Quality of Education Intent

  • All pupils will receive a well-planned, high quality learning opportunities in writing through further development of consistent approaches in pedagogy and assessment.
  • To strengthen the use of EHCPs and Pupil Passports informing teaching strategies to be used when planning and delivering lessons.
  • Assessments for learning and feedback to pupils supports their progress and results in pupils knowing more and learning more over time.
  • To strengthen pedagogy through researched information approaches to ensure consistency from KS1- KS5.



Behaviour and Attitudes

  • To enhance pupil wellbeing and self-regulation strategies through the implementation of strengthening minds.
  • To further strengthen links between behaviour, therapy, safeguarding, teaching and learning and SEN in order to ensure that pupils receive wrap around support.
  • To improve attendance by 3.5% and continue to safeguard any pupil whose attendance is under 50%.
  • To reduce the number of persistent absences

Personal Development

  • Promote SEMH needs in order to improve self-worth and understanding as well as develop ways that each pupil can explore individuality, character and interests.
  • Pupils are supported to become responsible, respected and active members of the local and wider community.

Leadership and Management

  • To embed leaderships roles and responsibilities at all levels so that all staff contribute and are empowered to ensure the best outcomes for our pupils.
  • To support staff well-being by continuously reviewing workload.

Sixth Form

  • To further enhance and embed the BSG curriculum to ensure a consistently demanding curriculum goals are met.
  • Pupil attendance and punctuality continue to improve overtime ensuring that their attitudes to education remain positive.

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