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In line with our parent organisation (London South East Colleges), Bromley Beacon Academy and Bromley Trust Academy have, with immediate effect, placed restrictions on the use of removable media within the schools. The term removable media covers pen/thumb drives, writable optical media (CD-R/DVD-R) and portable/external hard drives. These restrictions have become part of the staff handbook and policy and all staff, students and visitors are expected to adhere to this restriction.

Staff instead are urged to use the Trust's Bromley cloud storage provided by the London South East Colleges.

Visitors bringing removable media into our premises will need to make contact with the Data Controller of the specific school to supervise the transfer of any materials to and from our networks.

There are few exceptions to this restriction, namely where coursework and assessment materials must be sent to the examination bodies and invigilators. The transfer of this content will be carefully monitored.

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